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Your Health Care Stories Needed
Personal stories from trans and gender nonconforming people about their experiences within our health care system are a powerful tool in helping to bring about change to the system. Our organization has been asked to play a role in collecting these stories by the Mayo Clinic GLBTI employee group, which is advocating for positive reforms in services and standards of care for transgender people within the Mayo Clinic. We are especially interested in receiving accounts of our community's positive and negative experiences from Mayo Clinic, but welcome stories from other providers and networks within the health care system as well. Next month, the Mayo Clinic GLBTI group will present a proposal to the body that oversees all Mayo clinic sites in MN, FL, AZ.

The stories will be used only for the purpose of closed-door meetings with the leadership of the clinical practice committee at Mayo. The identities of the storytellers will be kept anonymous, and stories should be written so that their truth remains intact without leaving anyone exposed. MTHC also plans to continue archiving stories, because we believe they can be powerful motivators of change in other parts of the health care system over the long term.
All stories about your experiences with the health care system are welcome, and positive stories are especially important because they show what makes a positive difference to patients. Please keep your story to 500 words or less. If you need more than 500 words to tell your story, you may email it to us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you!  

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